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Hi - I am Mrs. Cel Foster schoolpict.jpg and I am a teacher at SJCC - St. Joseph Central Catholic High School - part of the Bishop Hoffman School System in Fremont, Ohio. I have had the pleasure of being a part of the family of SJCC since August, 2001.

I graduated from Lourdes College with a BS in Religious Studies. I have also completed a two year program designed to prepare individuals to become Spiritual Directors.

  • Spiritual Direction is a process an individual can enter to receive help focusing on his/her personal prayer life and discovering the place of God in his/her life.

I teach Religion classes that include:
  • Junior Religion - Social Justice and Prayer & Sacraments - World Religions
  • Senior Religion - Senior Fundamental Theology

I am also graced to be a part of the Kairos Retreat program at SJCC.

I have been married since May 1975 and my husband, Mike, and I have three wonderful children and three tremendous grandchildren (pictured below). The other photo is my entire family - my mom, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc.


You can click any of the links found in the right hand margin to find additional resources.

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