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Field Museum

Virtual Field Trips | SimpleK12


Asia Map Quiz

Geography Games For Kids - By

Geography Resources, Maps, & Facts for Students

  • Geography is all around us. It’s what makes countries different – both in terms of landscape as well as in terms of culture. Geography is the study of where places are, but it's also the study of who lives in those places, what the places look like, and how those places developed, socially and geologically, into its modern form.
    Help kids get interested and excited about geography and about the world they live in with these helpful resources, which include geography games, interactive maps, and fun facts.

Geospy - National Geographic Kids

  • Great site to test your physical geography knowledge. Number of games to choose from. Enter any first name - does not have to be your own.

I like2learn Menu - Geography

  • Another fantastic site with 100's of links for games, quizzes, etc.


Nation States

Test Your Geography Knowledge- The World (Oceans and Continents)


100 Twitter Feeds That Teach You History | Associate Degree - Facts and Information

Active History

Active History Heads-up Games

Best of History Web Sites

BLACK ENTERPRISE » Online Lesson Plans Make Black History Interactive

Cleopatra - Solve the Puzzle

Eyewitness to History

Free Technology for Teachers: 12 Free History and Social Studies Resources

Freedom: A History of US. Webisode Menu | PBS

Government and Politics Sites

History Detectives Kids . Games | PBS Kids

History - Sample Topics

History Timelines on the Web ... The History Beat

I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King, Jr. on Online Audio, Online Video - Free Audio

Liberty Bell Museum, LLC Home Page

Louisiana Purchase - Vermilion Parish Schools

Nazi Germany - Social Policies

Primary Source accounts - Trial of King Charles I

Shmoop Teacher Resources Literature, US History, Civics

Smithsonian's History Explorer

The Best Websites For Teaching & Learning About U.S. History | Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day...

World History


A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust, People

About Yad Vashem

Holocaust Resources for Teachers

Investigting Anne Frank and the Holocaust

Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Learning Center

The Holocaust Education Development Programme

  • The Holocaust Education Development Programme (HEDP) seeks to transform teaching and learning about the Holocaust. It is leading world-class research on Holocaust education, delivering targeted and effective teacher education across England and building an interactive community of enquiry and exchange.
  • The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme in Holocaust Education, being launched in the autumn term of 2009, will be delivered by internationally recognized experts through innovative workshops in every region across the country. It will be supported by the highest quality teaching and learning materials through multiple channels of ongoing support.


American Institutions (9th Grade)

American Rhetoric - Top 100 Speeches

Ben's Guide: Grades 9-12

Free Technology for Teachers: US Government Studies Games

League of Nations - Social Problems

Monarchs of Britain

Mr. Lincoln T-mails

National Constitution Center: Interactive Constitution

U.S. Courts Educational Outreach

U.S. Constitution Teaching and Learning Resources


Awesome Library - Social Studies - Current Events

Flight to Freedom

High School Social Studies


Immigration - learning in Maine resources

Interactive Social Studies

ReadingQuest | Reading Strategies for Social Studies

Secondary Social Studies Resources Home

Social Studies Links

Social Studies -

Vermilion Parish Social Studies (Pre K-12 Interactives)

__101 Great Sites for Social Studies__

All of Me - Timeline Yourself
  • Automatically create a Personal Timeline of your life from any digital assets you have, such as pictures, videos, blogs, documents, or any internet page.

Global Connections: Educator's Resources
  • Global Connections' rich collection of background articles, lesson plans, timeline, and other resources are indexed here to help educators quickly find topics and materials that are most relevant for their classroom needs.

Google News Timeline - Awesome resource

Time Rime
  • Make your own time line.
  • Directions: Create timelines for free online using TimeRime
  • Creating historical timelines is a great way to explain or teach someone about the history of a particular idea, concept, or object. Unfortunately, there simply is not that much software out there to quickly create professional looking timelines.
  • And usually, if someone is going to create a timeline, it’s probably a one-time project for school or work and so installing an application on your desktop is kind of overkill. That’s why I love the Internet because there everything can now be done online too!
  • TimeRime is a free service that lets you create cool-looking flash-based timelines online! It’s a timeline maker! It seems to be a pretty popular service already because I found many very useful and in-dept timelines about everything from John McCain to the birds nest stadium create for the Beijing Olympics.


Free Streaming American History videos

History Free Audio & Video

National Geographic Channel: Inside 9/11 Video Archive

Short Video clips - causes of English Civil War

YouTube - Pres. Obama National Address to Students

YouTube - We Didn't Start the Fire